About our association

The Constitutionalists Association of Spain (ACE) was founded in 2002. At its very outset a spirit of integration, academic exchange and dialogue among scholars, researchers and specialists in the field of Constitutional Law presided its initial steps. According to our statutes, we aim at contributing to the improvement of research and teaching in matters of Constitutional Law through the organization and sponsorship of academic activities. Every year the members of the association are called to participate in the ACE Constitutional Law Annual Congress.

The ACE has signed collaboration agreements with several institutions: the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies (CEPC) –whose historic building, the Godoy Palace, hosts the ACE Board meetings and serves as the Association address for contact purposes–, the General Council of the Judiciary and the Manuel Giménez Abad Foundation. Additionally, the ACE maintains a close relationship with similar associations from abroad, in particular, from Europe and Latin-America.

The Publishing House Tirant lo Blanch has created a collection where the ACE Annual Congress books are published. A variety of titles in the catalogue give evidence of the issues discussed in those academic meetings: the reader may find studies on the Defense of the Constitution, the Government, the European Constitution, the Statutes of Autonomy, the Constitutional Court, the Judiciary, the Constitution after 30 years of its enactment, the European Constitutional Law, the Social Rights, the Constitution of Cádiz, or the Territorial Organization of the State

Under the successive presidencies of Professors Luis López Guerra, José Luis Cascajo (interim title), Eliseo Aja, Javier García Roca, Miguel Revenga Sánchez, and Pablo Pérez Tremps, a sustained effort of the different Boards backed by the enthusiastic and committed response of our members, have consolidated the ACE as a reference forum for the Spanish academy in constitutional law and the Annual Congress has become the main and more concurred academic event for constitutional law scholars in Spain. Four hundred members, coming from about forty public and private universities nationwide, compose the body of the Association today. We continue to grow, welcoming new members in the open and integrative spirit of our beginnings.

The current members of the ACE Board were elected at the 2017 Annual Congress in León. It is our purpose to honor the foundational objectives and, to this end, contribute in improving certain aspects of the Association workings. Some changes in the structure and dynamics of the Annual Congress are deemed convenient, and so it is felt as an urgent need the enhancing of the ACE communications channels both with its members and with society at large. The new ACE website is a fundamental first step in this direction. We hope it will soon become a useful and effective communicative tool for all ACE members and beyond, namely for anyone who might be interested in Constitutional Law matters.